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Boost your defences and take your health into your own hands this winter with natures own medicine! It is well known that viral diseases may develop as a consequence of sub-optimum nutrition. It is therefore not 'rocket science' that nutrients such as Vitamin C (rich within Rose Hip) can undermine the function of the immune system and our defences against infection. With 70% of the immune system being in the gut, having optimum levels of friendly bacteria (probiotics) is critical to improve immunity. Do not underestimate the traditional use of the naturally medicinal and potent botanicals Echinacea and Garlic and  St Johns Wort to fight off the cold and flu viruses. Inflammation, a sign of an engaged immune system against a threat, can be greatly reduced and managed with the use of essential fats found in Evening Primrose Oil and fish oils like Cod Liver Oil and Omega 3.

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  • Vitamin C 500mg

    Take Vitamin C to ensure the body has the correct levels to maintain your immune resistance to infections such...

    Vitamin C 500mg
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  • Probiotics

    Probiotic's can support your immune systems front line and encourage maximum 'good bacteria' without the need...

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